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The British Line of Succession

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The British line is determined by descendance, sex legitimacy, religion, legitimacy, and faith. According to common law, a sovereign's children and collateral line inherit the throne. There are also other rules that govern who inherits what part of the throne. Let's look at some of these. We hope you'll have a better understanding of the UK's succession system by the end.

Prince George

The third in line for the throne is the young prince. He follows his father, William and mother, Catherine. His parents worked hard to ensure their children are grounded and live a normal life, which is a far cry from the lives of previous royals. Prince George is currently third in line for a seat on the throne. This could change as new succession laws make it harder for younger royal children.

Prince Louis

The Royal Lines of Succession in the United Kingdom are a complicated process. Traditionally, the eldest male was the first in line to the throne. This is now changed by the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act. Now the eldest male is the current king's son. Prince Louis, his older brother Prince Harry, is now the fifth in line for the throne. The new baby boy does not replace Princess Charlotte, his older sibling.

Prince William

Prince William, the third in the line to the throne, is the oldest child of the Prince and Duchess Of Cambridge. He was born July 22, 2013 and is expected one day to be the head of the state. His mother, Princess Diana was 36 years when she died. Her children, Prince George (and Princess Charlotte) are next in line to succeed her.

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Princess Beatrice

Beatrice was conceived in London's Portland Hospital. After graduating from St George's School, Ascot, she continued her education at Goldsmiths College. After graduation, she worked briefly at Sony Pictures and the Foreign Office. She was eventually promoted to Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Afiniti. It is a global financial service firm. She also works privately with Teenage Cancer Trust and Outward Bound. EdoardoMapelli Mozzi is her spouse and they are expecting their first child together in September 2021.

Prince Edward

The line of succession in the United Kingdom is long and complicated, but it is relatively simple to understand. The line of succession simply means that the oldest children are entitled to the throne. So the heir obvious is the next in the line. Prince Edward will become the sixth in line. Prince Edward is the eldest son of King George VI, Princess Elizabeth. They share the throne. The prince will be king at the age of 61.

Princess Anne

During the reign her mother, Princess Anne retained her place second in British line of succession behind Prince Charles. Prince Andrew, her younger brother took Princess Anne's place. Since then, however, she's been falling further down in the succession hierarchy. This is partly due to the fact that Prince Andrew stepped down from his responsibilities as a member of the House of Lords last year.

Queen Elizabeth II

George V was the first king of British monarchy. His only surviving children are King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. The heirloom throne usually goes to the eldest, regardless if it is a boy or a girl. The line of succession used to favor sons over daughters up until 2013. However, a Perth vote, Australia in 2013, changed this rule. If there are no sons living, the throne now belongs to daughters.

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Prince Charles

Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge, will be the third child after his grandfather and father to wear the throne. William and Catherine have 3 children - Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as Prince Louis. Prince George will become the third in the line to the crown after his grandfather and father. Prince George, Prince Charles’ younger son, was born 1984. If his father becomes a monarch, he would be in line for the throne.

Prince William's son Prince George

The British succession system is complex. Before 2013, males didn't have precedence over their younger sisters in the succession line. A male born after the 20th of October 2011 is now third in line. Prince George's younger sister, Princess Charlotte, will be fourth in the line. This means that if Prince Louis does succeed his mother, Princess Charlotte will be the next in line. The future British monarchy's future is not in the control of Prince William's next son.


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The British Line of Succession