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Who's Returning to the Og Moms Cast in 2020?

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You're here because you want to know who will return to the OG Moms cast for 2020. Here you'll find out about Maci Bookout's split from ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, Amber Portwood's mental health problems, and more. There's also information on Tyler Baltierra's miscarriage and struggles with depression. Continue reading to learn what 2020 has in store for you.

Maci Bookout's strained relationship with Ryan Edwards, her ex-boyfriend

Watching the ups and comings of Maci Buchout's relationship to Ryan Edwards on "Teen Mom," has been a fascinating experience for many. They've watched her battle with Ryan over the father of her child, Bentley, for years, and more recently, Maci has said that she can't remember the last time she spoke with her ex-boyfriend. At the premiere of Family Reunion, she opened up about her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The reality star said that she had been apart of the show for thirteen years, which is more than enough time for a long distance romance to form.

The drama between Ryan and Maci stems from a series of controversial parenting decisions, including the way in which Ryan treats his child. She allegedly refused to answer the phone, and he then threatened to harm her. Then he showed up at her child's baseball games under the influence. Additionally, Maci's ex is currently pregnant with his second child with Mackenzie Standifer, so the tension between the two couples has been escalating for a while.

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Amber Portwood's struggle with depression

Teen Mom OG fans continue to be fascinated by Amber Portwood and her struggle with depression off-season. The reality star told the OG Moms cast she had been recording threats and was suffering from postpartum Depression. Gary Shirley, her ex-boyfriend, was the one who convinced Shirley to enroll in anger management classes. Now, Amber Portwood is the final season on the show.

Amber Portwood's mental well-being is not only a concern for the cast of OG Moms. Many fans have reached out to Portwood on social media to voice concerns. Portwood even recorded a live video in order to talk about her condition on World Mental Health Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating stigma around mental illness. Portwood was later diagnosed with borderline personality and bipolar disorder. She started using antidepressants when she was pregnant.

Catelynn's miscarriage

Catelynn Lowell miscarried, according to the cast of Teen Mom OG. Catelynn miscarried just days after telling her family that they were pregnant. Reality star Catelynn was haunted by her miscarriage. She resolved to have a child again and has been putting all her heart into it.

Amber Portwood clarified her identity after Catelynn Lowell revealed that she miscarried during Thanksgiving Day. She claimed that she only reached out Cheyenne Floyd and that Cate was the only one to get in touch with her. She also criticised other cast members like Amber Portwood, Cheyenne Floyd and Maci Bookout, saying that their actions made the situation worse.

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Tyler Baltierra struggles with mental well-being

Og Moms fans are interested in Tyler Baltierra's mental health challenges. He's not alone in dealing with mental illness. His daughter Catelynn also has had her share of difficulties. Lowell adopted Carly, his oldest daughter, as a teenager. Tyler and Tyler later had three children together. Lowell is open about her miscarriages. The first was with Rya Rose, while the second occurred before Vaeda luma. Tyler and Catelynn Lowell are both parents to two daughters. They have many issues to deal with.

Tyler's struggles to manage his mental illness have received more attention than ever before, although Catelynn was able to choose treatment. Tyler's story about his depression was shared online, sparking discussion about their relationship and the mental health issues of their daughters. One Twitter user wondered about Tyler and Cate's ability to raise a depressed child. The OG Moms cast 2020 star has been open about his mental health issues on the show.

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Who's Returning to the Og Moms Cast in 2020?