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Tia Bachelor - Pregnant and Engaged

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Tia Booth is an aspiring physical therapist who competes on The Bachelor. Arie Louiendyk Jr. was her first competitor on season 22. She was then eliminated in week 8. She then appeared in seasons five, seven, and eight of Bachelor in Paradise. Booth currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the daughter of a doctor and a physical therapist. Tia was born April 19, 1994 in Little Rock Arkansas.

Taylor Mock

Ryan Booth and Tia Mcock finally got engaged after a lengthy engagement. The couple met when Mock was competing on The Bachelor's 22nd season for Arie Luyendyk Jr. Two months after her father's death, the couple got engaged in April. The proposal was announced via Instagram and the couple are now engaged. Mock posted on her blog about the proposal, "I'm so happy that I'm engaged to my best buddy."

The couple first met in Nashville (Tennessee) at a Bachelor in Paradise celebration. They engaged in April 2021, and their relationship began. After getting engaged, they shared photos of their baby on social networks. Tia announced that Taylor is now her husband. The couple made a sweet statement about their relationship after announcing their pregnancy. This has earned them praises from the Bachelor world.

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Raven Gates

You can find newlyweds Gates & Gottschalk on social media regularly, but no word yet on their appearances on The Bachelor. The happy couple can be found on reality dating show, but it is possible to expect them to appear on the next series. Gates dated Nick Viall in the original show. She hints that it was him who triggered her first orgasm. The couple also appeared together in Bachelor in Paradise.

Raven Gates was a guest on Nick Viall’s season. She fell in love with Nick Viall and made the transition to reality TV. She was a star on Bachelor in Paradise's spinoff and is now married Adam Gottschalk. Season 22 of The Bachelor will see Raven's best friend, Tia, compete for Arie Luyendyk Sr.'s heart. Raven and Tia Booth have been friends since childhood, so it's not surprising their friendship has lasted.

Tia Booth

On Monday, May 27, 2019, Tia Booth announced her pregnancy with her first child, a baby girl. The announcement came at Father's Day. The couple also paid tribute to their late father, who passed away in May, as well as their fiance, Taylor Mock. Booth shared a picture showing her growing baby bump while kissing Mock's forehead. The announcement triggered a flood of emotions, with the two sharing photos and videos of their time together.

Booth was a contestant on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor in Paradise. However, she was sent home following a visit to her hometown. In the next seasons, she had dates with Blake Monar and Kenny Braasch. Mock was the one she fell in Love with in Nashville, and she met Mock. Their relationship was confirmed during Bachelor Live On Stage Atlanta.

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Colton Underwood

The eighth episode of The Bachelor saw Tia and Colton break up. It's unclear if they will remain friends or move on. They've been friends for six month. Colton expressed his desire for a new career, but Tia insisted that he focus on his own needs first. Colton, meanwhile, is still seeking love. Tia is currently engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen (Bachelorette winner).

Tia was in tears with Colton as they split up. Both were desperate for their relationship to work and wanted it to be successful. Colton has also experienced some difficulties. He has dated women other than Becca Kufrin and had a rough relationship with her. Colton and Becca Kufrin were not in a relationship, but they have remained in the public spotlight.


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Tia Bachelor - Pregnant and Engaged